fischertechnik is seeking new toy ideas that build on the fischertechnik system. The following paragraphs summarize the most important do’s and don’ts to consider when developing your idea. As a first step, we encourage you to look at their technology and how they pursue their motto, “Understanding technology through play”.

About fischertechnik

The versatile fischertechnik basic building block is the basis for all fischertechnik construction sets. The basic building block allows you to add other parts and build on all six sides. Everything works together, and all blocks fit together to create a logical concept. You can combine everything from great basic building blocks to sophisticated technology details. No matter how challenging the models are:  fischertechnik guarantees you can always use parts from any fischertechnik construction set.

fischertechnik basic building block functionality

Compared to its competitors, fischertechnik offers the following benefits:

  • More robust models
  • More degrees of freedom
  • More sophisticated technology
  • High quality made in Germany
  • More flexibility
  • Better understanding of technical subjects
  • More fun during building and playing…

You can find more information about fischertechnik at their website and in the following video:


Things to keep in mind when developing your ideas:

Build on fischertechnik’s strength: While there are a lot of toys to be invented, your concept should build on the fischertechnik construction elements. Their elements allow for building very robust models. Please look at their existing products to learn more about them. You can, of course, think about new components and technologies to be added if needed. 

Leverage the existing technologies: fischertechnik already has developed elements in many technological areas that you can incorporate into your new toy innovation. They include mechanics (gears, engines, ropes), hydraulics, electrical engineering, digital technologies (connected with PC or smartphone), regenerative energy (solar, wind, fuel cells, energy storage), pneumatics, and robotics.  

Keep the target group in mind: fischertechnik’s motto is “understand technology through play”. Still, remember that the toys should spark interest among the users (children between the ages of five and twelve).

Don’t make it too complicated: fischertechnik construction sets usually cost between 20 and 100 €. Try to keep this in mind when developing your idea. The less super specific and new parts are needed, the easier it is to bring it to the market without breaking the bank. As an orientation, you can have a look at the existing portfolio


It would be nice to have your ideas include the following:

Cooperative play: Playing alone can be fun but playing together is even more fun. Think about how your idea can encourage playing together. 

Gender: Ideally, your idea is equally attractive to girls and boys. 


There are a few topics that we are not looking for in this contest: